Kristen Gyolai

Attorney at Law

Kristen Gyolai became a lawyer so that she could help people–and she’s kept that promise from the day she passed the bar exam. Kristen’s passion is evident in her work helping clients retain their livelihoods, as well as her efforts to promote women in leadership roles.

Kristen graduated from Mitchell Hamline School of Law in 2013, and has been practicing workers’ compensation and disability law ever since. Kristen has a wealth of experience litigating cases in front of judges at the Office of Administrative Hearings. She has also argued before the Workers’ Compensation Court of Appeals.

Kristen started her career at a mid-sized, high-volume law firm where she had the opportunity to represent hundreds of people. She loved the high-volume nature of the firm, which allowed Kristen to master her skill and her knowledge of the law faster than many of her peers.

However, Kristen’s focus isn’t just on the law—she also values deeper client relationships. She prides herself on providing a more personal level of service to her clients, which is simply not available in a high-volume law firm.

In 2018, Kristen opened The Law Office of Kristen Gyolai, where she practices workers’ compensation law as a solo practitioner. Each day, in addition to providing her clients the highest level of service, Kristen leads by example in another favorite cause: women in leadership roles. She accomplishes this in part with Lure of Law. Kristen founded the company to offer professional mentorship for anyone starting their own law firm.

When Kristen is not with her clients, she is spending time with her husband and kids. 

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